Development of ideas

The help your project needs

If you have an idea that needs some amendments we advise you without cost, but if what you need is to make it innovative we can help you make this by giving it a twist ...


Indicate the type of ideas you need
  • Analytical

    We analyze the project in depth, looking for all those problems that may affect the viability of the project before launching it to the market.

    The analytical ideas plan includes :

    • Project Analysis
    • Study of the competition
    • Mockup and market research
    • Conclusions
  • Creative

    We propose changes that imply restructuring your idea to achieve a more effective solution, taking into account the previous analytical consultancy.

    The creative ideas plan includes:

    • Analytical Consulting
    • Development of new ideas
    • Application of ideas in Mockup
    • Conclusions
  • Collaborative

    We offer you a discount on the project, and unlimited ideas, before, during and after the development of the project, your perfect ally to grow and save from the first day.

    The collaborative ideas plan includes:

    • Business Consulting
    • Department of R & D continued
    • Discounts for a percentage of the business
    • Unlimited support

Looking for another service?

  • Web development

    Tailor made webs, each client is diferent, we build your web from the start, completely customized. 

  • APP Development

    We develop your APP, you can decide if you want it public or perhaps for internal management.

  • Positioning

    Got everything online? It's time to give it it´s maximum visibility, we improve your influence in the net.

  • We find your CTO

    If the comany keeps growing, it´s time to hire a proper team, we look for the best.

  • Tech development

    We create technology applied to the real world, so that your users use it in situ