Examples of some projects we have made possible

Each project is different and must be interpreted in a different way, here are some examples of how we adapt to each audience:


The world is full of talent, but it is very difficult to access it, and even more to the specific talent you are looking for...

Zander solves that problem, register as a user, artist or professional and get in touch with whoever you want!

Sort a Shop

The world is full of shops of all kinds, for all tastes and of all colors! But even so, it is very difficult to find what we are looking for. 

Sort a Shop puts an end to this, this app filters by man, woman or home location and then segments the tastes so that you find your ideal store! 



Our client has been managing his cattle for many years with an obsolete tool, pencil and paper ... looking for get information, looking for relevant data and in conclusion, the fact of trying to look for any information was a problem and a waste of time.


We proposed to make an app where only the people that we decide and the gentlemen of the field had access, we transferred all the information that we had to the app and now they can manage and obtain information from any place at any time! 


We all order out, and we always spend a lot of time deciding our delivery.

Working on pizzapp, we will soon give more info!

Push for Burguer

To satisfy the necessity of a simplifying the process of fast-food ordering a new idea emerges: Push for Burger. This app facilitates the task of ordering food delivery. For that it was necessary to develop an APP and an algorithm that makes the order in different platforms

We created the system that automatizes the order making to the different suppliers, even though the user does it through visually simple tool, that enables him to make the order fast, to personalise menus and all that in only two taps on your device.


In our country there are many marathons with solidarity aims, but there is only one objective, finish it.

Retapp allows to encourage runners with bets among users for solidarity purposes.


There are hundreds of minutes that we lose when choosing which series or movie we are going to watch, "Too long, I have seen it a thousand times, I don't know if it is going to be a good one ..." We have to trust the evaluation of the platform and many times that is the only reference we have. 

Moviestorm was born with the idea of ​​ending this problem. The objective of this platform is to create movie lists so that everyone can see which movie each person liked and decide for themselves.  They also help you decide through a filter of very specific tags.

Mi cappital

There are many apps and webs addressed to small-scale investors. But all of them have something in common, they result too complex for someone unfamiliarised with investment funds, furthermore financial pages lose their selves in technicalities that the average person does not fully understand…

This Project has been tackled by solving the current technical problems, resulting in a very clear webpage, simple, easy to understand and that represents the same technical elements as the other ones, incorporating unique advantages to your system. Everything is presented in a visual way that makes it easier to use so it can be used by anyone.

Torrealta web

In addition to the app that we did to our clients of Torrealta they wanted to be able to manage the data from the computer.

We created an administrative web where they could put information to be reflected in the app directly.


In order to obtaining budgets nowadays from the main Appraisal Societies approved by the Bank of Spain, we must repeat the data of the properties to be valued again and again by each of the appraisers.

With Valorys within 24 hours, working days from Monday to Friday, you will receive the budgets of your property appraisals.

Fundación Iker Casillas

The previous webpage did not fulfil the necessities of the foundation, failing to transmit its content, inadequate adaptation to smartphones and a too classic graphic stile.

A new design line has been created more adapted to the corporative colours of the foundation. We have improved the usability for the visitors and we have added more social components

Bodas Castellar

A renowned and prestigious hotel in Cadiz: Hotel Castellar has large facilities located next to an enchanting natural park. For this reason they decide to change the hotel’s approach and turn it into a wedding celebration place. Giving the chance to many couples to live a unique night in a place with a special charm and make their dreams come true.

We highlighted the facilities of the hotel through full-page images. The content of the web is displayed by menu that invites the user to check the many options offered by Bodas Castellar. Throughout the sections the images make you feel like you actually looking to the place.


A company with a long history, very solid and consistent  selling in the “Corte Inglés” but they did not have online presence.

We proposed to make an ecomerce and ended up with a page that transmits perfectly the values ​​of the brand.

Santiago Rotaeche


Santiago has spent many years working to rehabilitate addicts, he has worked in different ways but finally decided to set up his own center with his team of professionals. He needed a website with a good design and where confidentiality was safe.


We started to work, we made a good design, appetizing and relaxing. We work in a customized cms so they can manage all their patients. The work was fast and efficient, it worked very well for both parties.


We all know how difficult it is to find work nowadays, you have to apply in different places. They normally take a long time to answer you and sometimes they even don't do so.

Labor Fox offers the necessary tools so that you can take an active attitude and highlight your talent and personality.

Allic Ski Co.

After having a template web for some time, Allic Ski Co. decides to give a more personalised appearance to their online store, with a website that represents the image corresponding to a brand that is obtaining a foothold in the ski and snowboard textile sector.

We have approached the project developing a stile more adapted to the sector in which pictures of beautiful sights and environments of ski practice predominate. In this images the brand can be seen, transmitting the visitor the sensation of using the clothing directly in the nature.


Our client found a gap in the city he lives in, Paris. The upmarket car renting is a market with high demand levels but ridiculously high prices.


Flexibility, transparency, competitive prices… These are only some of the many competitive advantages the Carcharters offers.


The world is full of talent and everyday there are more and more professionals, entrepreneurs, people full of skills, wanting to conquer the world ... On the other hand there are people who are looking just for that.

Crowdealer was born to connect all kinds of entrepreneurs and ecosystem workers with investors or the right people to do business and networking

360 Fund Insight

The investment industry is undergoing seismic changes. The most ambitious regulatory changes in decades has come at a time when technology is driving transformation at a faster pace.

In JIT after defining what the client actually desired, studying diferent ways to express what they wanted, we ended with a great project in which we are now working on the internal part. 


Connecting visions is a tremendously ambitious project driven by two consulting partners. 

We studied the strategy and create a page where you can access the best talent and technology in an open and collaborative ecosystem.

David Enriquez

David is a person with an extensive experience in luxury real state. Specialised in a sector where true professionality and quality service are hard to find. He can find the dream propriety to high income clients.

We have created a clean and clear webpage that gathers easily all elements needed for his potential clients to contact him. All displayed so that the clients understand the information visually. In the project we gave the appearance that measures up to a professional with a vast experience in the luxury sector.

Young Traveller

Each time there are more and more students who want to travel with a good organization, cheaply and try to live an unforgettable experience, there aren´t many agencies that dedicate themselves to this, but each day there is more and more demand….

Our client opted to set up a platform to give an exceptional service to his clients, we worked hard in the design and the internal management panel (CMS).

Borge Mc Enroe

A contracorriente films was launching a film of great importance "Borge Mc Enroe", and they wanted to make a very relevant release.

They trusted in JIT to make them the landing page where thousands of people would get in to find out about this movie.


Amid uncountable social networks, apart from the most important ones, there are others focused on sports, offering their users different options related with sport practice. They were trying to innovate, take care of the aesthetics and usability as well as complex algorithm design.

All the social networks were analysed in order to elaborate an interface easy to use , and developing an strategy that simplified the browse to the user. We achieved that taking into consideration how the other well-known networks work , but incorporating a set of unique tools.


ESports outperform traditional sports.

eGoGames is the first eSports platform for mobile devices in Europe.

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