We transform your business idea into viable products for the market

  • Micappital

    Micappital is an amazing project and was also one of our first customers with whom we learned and grew a lot. We assembled their MVP and they now continue to grow autonomously. They help invest simply and safely, with a system completely adapted to the customer and without having to go the bank. And if that was not enough, they only charge if you earn money!

  • Enlagloria salad house

    Enlagloria salad house is more than a simple "salad house". It is a cosy place where you can eat quality, seasonal and local produce.

  • Student Guru

    Student Guru is revolutionizing the student exchange market. We have helped them develop a web tool and application from where the student can find all the information and services to transmit everything he needs and worries: accommodation, medical insurance, visa, bank account, telephone ... They also do trips and events!

  • The Moviestorm

    We waste hundreds of minutes choosing which series or film we are going to watch. We also have to rely on dozens of different ratings. Moviestorm was created with the idea of putting an end to this problem. The aim of this platform is to create lists of films so that everyone can see which film each person liked and decide for themselves.

  • Matelierdesign

    MATELIER is an online platform that offers the possibility to create your own party clothing. This website, created from the need to find the perfect garment for each person, is a new concept that allows you to design dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, skirts and tops in the digital world and then try them in the real world.

  • Gopick

    Enjoy your free time to the fullest! Use the mobile app to order and pay for everything you want to consume during the event and don’t miss out on anything. This is what you can achieve using this powerful start-up that we have defined, designed and programmed at JIT, which has been selected for a trip to Silicon Valley

  • Chef and Cheers

    Do you want to arrange a meal? Chef and Cheers is the platform that brings a chef to your home, someone who cooks, serves, and collects everything. The chef will take care of buying the freshest ingredients, then prepare the food in your home, plate it up, present and serve.

  • Accecity

    Smart city + Smart citizens. Through Accecity, citizens access, from their computer or mobile phone, relevant information for their municipality, schedules of events, points of interest, and news published by the City Council.

  • Fertilitas

    A new reproductive science that is revolutionising the world of fertility. It provides a diagnosis and treatment for the causes of infertility, both for men and women, by studying and monitoring the couple’s fertility cycle.

  • Laborfox

    Laborfox is a qualified employment platform that offers the best selection tests to candidates and companies. Thanks to its tests, you can be the one who takes the first step and have companies search for you.

  • SGV Sport solutions

    SGV is a management tool for football tournament organisers. It is a simple, attractive, and useful app for users of these tournaments. We've already launched it in China and hope to enter Spain at the end of 2019.

  • Zander

    The world is full of talent, but it is very difficult to access it, even more so when you are looking for specific talent… Zander was created to resolve this problem, visit the website and download the app to discover more.

  • Forbets

    Forbets has arrived for users to bet in a fun way. Choose a friend, bet what you want and challenge them to a game within the app, a dare or whatever you want Try it for yourself!

  • Crowdealer

    Crowdealer is a platform that is committed to searching for complementary partners, employees, or investors with whom to carry out future projects based on all those ideas that play around in the minds of entrepreneurs, whether they are ideas or MVPs.